Orewa College has a strong commitment to sporting excellence by offering a wide range of sporting opportunities to all our students. Encouragement and support is offered to all levels, starting with social or beginners leading on to dedicated athletes who wish to develop their potential.

Year 9 - 13 Sport

Each sport has a Teacher in Charge (TIC) who is then supported by coaches, managers, staff, parents and caregivers.

Year 7 - 8 Zone Days

Zone Days are a one day inter-school competition. The 'Zone’ is North Harbour - this includes all intermediate schools from the Auckland Harbour Bridge to Warkworth. Students can express interest for as many zone days as they wish, participation will be dependant upon trainings attended and trial. Several weeks before the competition day students will be expected to attend regular trainings. Parent help is appreciated either as coach, manager or driver of school minivan. The sport uniform will be either school PE gear or Orewa College school shirts. (These Zone days are subject to change at any time dependant on numbers for teams and volunteer help).

Spectator and Coach Behaviour at Sporting Competitions

Fair play and good sportsmanship by our students and good spectator behaviour is something we promote at all our sporting events. Click here to view the Orewa College Code of Conduct for players and spectators.

College Sport Auckland has a Statement of Integrity and Code of Conduct at the start of its Bylaws. One of the key messages is to "uphold the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship in any CSA competition". Respect of all officials, colleagues, coaches, players, supporters and opponents is not negotiable.

Student Sporting Achievements

Please complete this form out if you have made significant sporting achievements outside of school that you would like to be recognised for.

Student sporting achievements (at all levels) can be recorded on their school profiles and are also used as the database for our annual sports awards. It is extremely important for our sports department to be informed of all results, both for teams and individuals.

Information can be submitted more than once, so please provide full details of the achievement to ensure we have all of the important results.

Please complete as much detail as you can to ensure verification is possible. without being able to verify the details, we cannot record the result.

Please note: A squad member, training partner, development player, trialist, non travelling reserve, etc will not be considered.