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Orewa College Proposed Enrolment Scheme Amendment

The Orewa College Board of Trustees propose an amendment to the existing enrolment scheme under section 11M of the Education Act 1989, as approved by the Ministry of Education.  Due to local population growth Orewa College has been experiencing increasing rolls. The proposed amendment aims to avoid overcrowding at the school.

Growth Management

Orewa College has for the past five years taken steps to control its growth by limiting out of zone and international student enrolments. This is because the Board has noted the current and future intensive development of new residential subdivisions in our zone.

Out of zone enrolments for 2018 are less than four percent, compared to between twenty and thirty percent some years ago. Further reduction is now required to prevent overcrowding of the school and a deterioration of the learning programme for students.

Zone Amendment Proposal

When considering a zone reduction, issues such as reasonable access to other schools are taken into account. The Ministry of Education process to amend a zone involves consulting with our community and surrounding schools.

The Process

The Timeline

The maps below show the detail of the proposal:

Proposed Zone

Amended Zone vs Current Zone

Grandparented Roads (Waitoki side)

Grandparented Road (Whangaparaoa Peninsula)

Zone Map Narrative

Further information:

Proposed Zone FAQs

Proposed Grandparent Clause - Further Explanation

Roll numbers over time

Progression Rates

Proposed Grandparent Clause

Students living in the areas covered by this clause (refer to maps) who had an older sibling already enrolled at Orewa College prior to the amendment (and still attending), would be able to enrol as if they were ‘in-zone’. This would only apply to students who are living in these areas at the time of the amendment, and continue to live at the same address until they enrol.

If the student moves address after the amendment (even within these areas), this clause would no longer apply.


We will be offering two drop-in opportunities for the public to view the proposed zone maps and to have their queries answered Saturday 16 June 10.00am-12.00pm and Wednesday 20 June 3.00pm-6.00pm at the Orewa Arts and Events Centre, Orewa College, 76 Riverside Road, Orewa 0931.

Members of the community are invited to make comment regarding this proposed enrolment scheme in writing to The Board of Trustees:

Submissions close 5 July 2018

In Zone Enrolments

To determine if you are living in our school zone, please click: School Zone

Out of Zone Enrolments

The Board of Trustees determines the number of spaces which are likely to be available for the enrolment of students.

Applications for enrolment are processed in the following order of priority:

  • First priority: Applicant who has Sibling(s) currently enrolled at Orewa College
  • Second priority: Applicant who has had Sibling(s) previously enrolled at Orewa College
  • Third priority: given to Applicants who are a child of a former student of the school (evidence will need to be provided);
  • Fourth priority: given to Applicants who are a child of a Board of Trustees employee (i.e. staff)

There may be some out of zone places offered to students with priorities listed above. Orewa College will not be accepting any out of zone students who do not meet the priority requirements as listed above.