Information / Enrol

School Zone

Students living in our school zone with their Legal Guardians are entitled to be enrolled at Orewa College.

To determine if you are living in our school zone, please click: School Zone

Out of Zone Enrolments

The Board of Trustees determines the number of spaces which are likely to be available for the enrolment of students.

Applications for enrolment are processed in the following order of priority:

  • First priority: Applicant who has Sibling(s) currently enrolled at Orewa College
  • Second priority: Applicant who has had Sibling(s) previously enrolled at Orewa College
  • Third priority: given to Applicants who are a child of a former student of the school (evidence will need to be provided);
  • Fourth priority: given to Applicants who are a child of a Board of Trustees employee (i.e. staff)

There may be some out of zone places offered to students with priorities listed above. Orewa College will not be accepting any out of zone students who do not meet the priority requirements as listed above.