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The Deans Team is led by the Director of Pastoral and is supported by the Lead Dean. We have a dean specifically allocated to each Year level, who works alongside the Senior Manager working with the Year level. The deans also work with their Year level Form Class teachers.

Deans are part of the Pastoral Team that support the overall wellbeing, behavioural and academic success of all the students within their Year level.

Orewa College Deans, actively practise a restorative approach in all aspects of working with students. They promote and apply our values programme, Manaaki Orewa.

In addition to their deaning responsibilities, the deans also teach in their specific curriculum areas. There is a duty roster to ensure we have a dean available throughout the school day. All appointments should be booked by contacting the Deans’ PA:

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Deans' 2021

Head of Pastoral

Anna Kenny

Lead Dean

Aaron Webb

Year 13 Dean

James Appleby

Year 12 Dean

Jo Wilding

Year 11 Dean

Zelda Vermeulen

Year 10 Dean

Mary Carter

Year 9 Dean

Chris Genge

Year 8 Dean

Sam Oldfield

Year 7 Dean

Sarah Searle

Middle School Academic Dean

Trevor Rubens

Senior Academic Dean

Gavin Fitzhenry

Deans’ PA

Michelle Griffiths

International Dean

Adrienne Croad