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Deans Office

The Deans office is located in the student centre and is looked after by Mrs Davies the Dean's Personal Assistant.

Our Deans have both an administrative and pastoral role within the College. Their administrative role includes putting students into classes, ensuring absences have been appropriately accounted for, taking a weekly assembly and assisting staff to enforce uniform and behavioural standards. The Dean's office is also in charge of the students lost property.

Their pastoral role usually makes them the first point of contact for parents with worries or concerns about their child. They also try to encourage and acknowledge excellence amongst the students in their care, as well as working with students who are failing to meet either behavioural or academic goals. Students can also go and see them about any difficulties they are encountering.

As Deans also have their own teaching responsibilities we have a roster system so that there will alway be a Dean available for students and parents.

To email the Deans, please click on their names below or alternatively you can email Mrs Davies on

Year 7 Dean - Mr Trevor Rubens

Year 8 Dean - Mrs Mary Carter

Year 9 Dean - Mrs Jo Wilding

Year 10 Dean - Mr James Appleby

Year 11 Dean - Mr Aaron Webb

Year 12 Dean - Mrs Chris Kinsler

Year 13 Dean - Mr Dean Preston-Thomas