Information / General Information

Absentees and Leave

Absences from School

If a student is absent from school, the parent/caregiver is asked to advise the school;

  • Please email with as much notice as possible if your child has an appointment so we can arrange a pass for them.
  • Use the Orewa College app on your phone (available at the App store). Click here for instructions

If a student is marked absent for an unknown reason, a text message will be sent to the main caregiver’s mobile phone. Please text back a reply. We are only able to receive replies to messages we send on the day.

Any unexplained absences will be treated at truancy.

Planned Absences (Family Holidays)

If a student is to absent from school during the term we need a letter from the parent/caregiver requesting the leave, giving the dates and reason for the planned absence. Please email this to the Principal at

Year 9 -13 students will be provided with a yellow form that will need to be completed by each of the students teachers and return this form to Mrs McCarthny, Deputy Principal.

Students are likely to be ineligible for an NCEA assessment that is held during their absence.

The expected standard for attendance is 90% for inclusion in restricted courses and for eligibility for school trips, teams and graduation. Your child’s attendance can be monitored the school WebPortal.

The percentage of attendance is printed on students reports or can be requested by emailing The percentage is calculated on students being present at school or on a school based activity. Medical and other absences e.g. family reasons with lower this percentage.

Leave/Pass System

All students who arrive to school late must sign in at Student Reception with a note explaining their lateness from their parent/caregiver.

  • Year 7 and 8 students leaving the school for legitimate appointments must be accompanied by their parent/caregiver from Student Reception.
  • Year 9-13 students leaving the school for legitimate appointments must have a note from their parents/caregiver. You can either email this through to or student can bring this to Student Reception.