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Sister Schools

Our very successful international student programme is long-standing and we were the first school in New Zealand to be given a New Zealand Government award for this.

Sister schools have developed over time to support cultural exchange and language development. Over many years we have developed strong sister school relationships with schools in Japan, Singapore and Chile. We maintain regular visits to these schools and groups of their students and teachers visit us annually.

Each year we represent New Zealand at the Asia Pacific Youth Summit in Wakayama. This has a theme of global issue such as tourism sustainability and response to natural disasters. Five years ago we established a teacher exchange with Hosei High School.

Our Sister school in Singapore was established after an Asia New Zealand sponsored educational visit there. This involves a group of Year 10 students who work with a group from Singapore using Skype to learn more about each others culture and schooling. It is intended that this will develop further into more curriculum based projects. We have had several visits from Chinese teachers and are hopeful that a regular ongoing relationship can be developed to support our Chinese language programme.