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Starting at Orewa College

Welcome, Nau mai, haere mai

Starting at a new school is a significant transition and we expect that our new students will quickly settle into Orewa College and make the most of the opportunities provided.

Starting at Orewa College in 2019

Welcome to Orewa College, to assist you and your child starting at Orewa College we have included all important information here.

Ako Orewa (Learning at Orewa College)

Learning is the core purpose of our school, so all of our teachers use learning programmes that incorporate the most relevant up-to date an effective methods and processes.

Ako Orewa is the learning programme of Orewa College. It recognises that individual content will differ between courses but also instills an expectation that each student will understand.

  • their own learning processes
  • a common language of learning
  • their learning environment
  • tools & skills to enhance learning

Understanding these learning elements provides a sound base for future learning in different situations. You are encouraged to discuss these expectations with your child as opportunities arise in their day to day lives.

Manaaki Orewa (Values at Orewa College)

This is the Orewa College values system which focusses on:

  • respect for ourselves
  • respect for others
  • respect for the environment

These values form our expectations of student behaviour and interactions. Students will become familiar with Manaaki Orewa soon after they join Orewa College. We positively promote these values throughout all events and activities. All members of our school, staff and students are Guardians of Manaaki Orewa (Nga kiatiaki O Manakki Orewa).

Communication With Parents/Caregivers

Our main form of communication is email. It is essential that you advise us if your email address changes. You can check the details we have for you on the Web Portal.

High Tide Newsletter

This is a weekly newsletter that is sent out on a Monday via email to all parents/caregivers. Click here to see News and Events

Orewa College APP

We recommend that you and your child get the free Orewa College App. Click here for information on what the App can do. Click here on instructions to download the App.

Here you can:

  • Receiving Important School Alerts
  • Receiving information on activities that your child is involved in subscribe to.
  • Report an Absence or asking for a Pass for appointments
  • Check:
    • Daily Notices
    • School Calendar

Web Portal

As part of developing our students self-management skills, we have an expectation that students will share information with their caregivers. Caregivers have access to detailed information on the Web Portal. This includes, but is not limited to timetables, attendance, results and reports.

Google Classroom

Class information is available on Google Classroom Click herefor information on what Google Classroom is about . Login details will be emailed to you once your child starts Orewa College.

Parent/Caregiver Concerns

Reinforcing the importance of self management, caregivers are not necessarily informed of every incident that happens at school, but if you have any concerns, please contact the Dean of your child’s year level.

Year 7 Dean - Mr Trevor Rubens

Year 8 Dean - Mrs Mary Carter

Year 9 Dean - Mrs Jo Wilding

Year 10 Dean - Mr James Appleby

Year 11 Dean - Mr Aaron Webb

Year 12 Dean - Mrs Chris Kinsler

Year 13 Dean - Mr Dean Preston-Thomas

Rural Buses

Please check the bus website page to check if you are eligible to use the Rural Buses. Once you have completed the pre-enrolment process, the bus coordinator will be in contact with all eligible people, by email, in Term 4

One-to-One Devices

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

There is an expectation in the modern workplace that young people know how to operate digitally for many daily tasks. For this reason, the college uses primarily a digital system for producing and submitting school work.


Any device (except phones) purchased with the last 5 years is capable of running our Digital system, which we operate through Google's Drive and Classroom applications.

In the Middle School (Years 7-10) the most common devices are iPads and Chromebooks

In the Senior school (Years 11-13) laptops (Windows and Mac) are the most common device.

Please visit you local device retailer and ask for extra information and assistance.

Please refer to our Google Classroom page for information on how to setup the device so it is ready for classroom use at Orewa College.