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House Programme

The Houses provide a sense of belonging for Orewa College students where they can be a part of a wider group with Year 7-13 students from across the school to participate, compete, celebrate in activities within the college environment.

The House system helps to promote:

  • Growth of school and student spirit and identity.
  • Positive, supportive social and emotional environment for all students.
  • Interaction and positive role models between year levels.
  • Leadership opportunities for senior students and aspiring middle school students.

There is no doubt that since being introduced, the House system has been a resounding success in creating culture. Each year the House system brings exciting and colourful events like Tabloids, raft races, wearable arts, pavement art and many other sport and cultural events. These events have quickly become significant fixtures in the school calendar and are eagerly anticipated by those students who revel in their House success and unity. The House lunchtime sports and the events continue to be highly popular amongst Orewa College students, and have become a complimentary part of a diverse student life.

The House groups acknowledge and raise funds for a New Zealand based charity. Throughout the school year sausage sizzles, charity based mufti days and other house initiatives operate to develop awareness to accrue money for a house contribution for our chosen charity. The House charity is:

Hibiscus Coast Community House

Jean Batten

New Zealand’s greatest aviator.

15/9/1909 – 22/11/1982

Bruce McLaren

New Zealand's race-car, designer, driver, engineer and inventor.

30/8/1937 – 2/6/1970

Sir Peter Blake

World famous New Zealand yachtsman.

1/10/1948 – 6/12/2001

George Nepia

One of New Zealand finest rugby players.

25/4/1905 – 27/6/1986

Kate Sheppard

The most prominent member of the New Zealand’s women’s suffrage movement.

10/3/1847 – 13/7/1934

House Philosophy: "Fostering , encouraging and empowering a sense of belonging for all akonga at Orewa College, through a range of positive and engaging events."


House Co-Ordinator: Joel Dickinson j.dickinson@orewacollege.nz

McLaren House Leader: Josh Pinho j.pinho@orewacollege.nz

Nepia House Leader: Gail Boshard g.boshard@orewacollege.nz

Sheppard House Leader: SarahO'Donnell s.odonnell@orewacollege.nz

Blake House Leader: Jo Hayward j.hayward@orewacollege

Batten House Leader: Mikayla Loader m.loader@orewacollege.nz

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