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Kāhui Ako

Kāhui Ako

Hibiscus Coast’s first Community of Learning, Kāhui Ako was launched in 2017 having been endorsed by the Ministry of Education. The Orewa Kāhui Ako comprises of Dairy Flat School, Orewa College, Orewa Primary School, Orewa Beach Primary School, Silverdale School and Wainui School.

The launch signifies a new era which will see the schools work closely to achieve common achievement challenges. Teachers from all six schools meet regularly to share common teaching practice and are working to develop clear learning pathways for all students.

Orewa Kāhui Ako

To achieve our aspirations for student success in our Orewa Kahui Ako, teachers in each Kahui Ako school will have a focus on the Professional Learning Standard. We believe that the professional growth and development of teachers is the foundation on which student achievement rests.

Professional Learning Standard

We use inquiry, collaborative problem solving and professional learning to improve professional capability to impact on the learning and achievement of all learners. This allows us to:

  • Inquire into and reflect on the effectiveness of practice in an ongoing way, using evidence from a range of sources.
  • Critically examine how my own assumptions and beliefs, including cultural beliefs, impact on practice and the achievement of learners with different abilities and needs, backgrounds, genders, identities, languages and cultures.
  • Engage in professional learning and adaptively apply this learning in practice.
  • Be informed by research and innovations related to: content disciplines; pedagogy; teaching for diverse learners, including learners with disabilities and learning support needs; and wider education matters.
  • Seek and respond to feedback from learners, colleagues and other education professionals, and engage in collaborative problem solving and learning-focused collegial discussions.

Focus Goals

Writing and Mathematics

  • Kahui Ako schools are using learning progressions effectively. Accuracy for mathematics and writing is monitored within and across schools with a robust moderation programme. Models of effective practice for all learners are shared to ensure success for all.

Learner Support - Students with special needs

  • Develop a Kahui Ako system which identifies and shares resources and programmes that can support teachers to work effectively with students with wide ranging needs.

Te Reo/Tikanga

The Te Reo curriculum progressions are embedded into practice from ECE onwards. All teachers are supported within the Kahui Ako to build confidence and competence to achieve this.

Kāhui Ako Weekly Newsletter

This is now published directly to our website.