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Bus routes are designed by the Ministry of Education. Transport service providers decide where the safest stops are along the routes. Orewa College uses Ritchies for rural buses and Bayes Coachlines for local buses.

Bus Code of Conduct

Each year students will need to complete a bus Code of Conduct form. This needs to be completed and signed with their parents/caregivers. Click here to see form

Recent route updates

Waiwera students

All Orewa College students that have been catching the 1515 (Puhoi) bus from the WAIWERA stop will now need to take the public 981 bus (with an AT HOP card)

981 bus morning route: leaves Waiwera weekday mornings at 7.44am, 7.59 and 8.14am

981 bus afternoon route: leaves Centreway Road at 3.40pm, 3.55pm and 4.15pm

Use the AT Journey Planner website or download the app for more details.

Millwater Students

  • Students that live on or closer to Bankside Road need to catch the S039 bus and join the Google Classroom using the code: nxlorq5 as soon as possible.
  • Students that live on or close to Millwater Parkway need to catch the S040 bus and join the Google Classroom using the code: 1v4bfm as soon as possible.

Red Beach Students (Silverdale end of Whangaparaoa Road)

  • The number 004 and 005 buses no longer travel down the Silverdale end of Whangaparaoa Road and will travel down Red Beach Road. This means that students that live at the Silverdale end of Whangaparaoa Road (e.g. John Dee Crescent, Tawhana Road) will need to either catch the S039 or S040 bus from school at 3:25pm to the Silverdale mall and then walk OR catch the public 984 bus from Centreway Road at 3:37pm.

Stillwater Students

  • Both the 1527 and 11527 buses will now leave in the afternoons at 3:30pm (instead of 3:25pm).

Dairy Flat Students

  • Students that live in Dairy Flat can catch the new S039 or S040 buses to the Hibiscus Coast Station in Silverdale and then transfer to a Public 986 bus to carry on to Dairy Flat Highway.

Auckland Transport Timetables (Bayes Coachlines)

Timetable information.

Students will need to purchase an AT HOP Card to ride on these local buses. AT HOP is a reusable prepay smart card for travel on buses, trains and ferries around Auckland. Students can also load a Child or Secondary Student concession on their AT HOP card to receive discounted fares. AT has found a large number of primary, intermediate and secondary students are still using cash to pay for public transport, rather than using an AT HOP card. Therefore, those children are not benefitting from the discounts on fares that AT Metro provides. Additionally, there are some school age children using an AT HOP card without the correct Child or Secondary Student Concession loaded, so they are not currently receiving the travel discounts they are eligible for. Please click here for Child and Secondary Concessions to learn more.

AT Journey Planner

With the new Auckland Transport bus changes it does pay to go to the AT Journey Planner and select 'School Buses' under the options as well as the Public Buses and see if your home address is actually cheaper/easier to get to with one or a combination of any of the public buses.

If there are any other queries about new bus times and routes please feel free to email the current bus controller Mr Little

Ritchies Coachlines (Rural Bus Routes)

Transport Assistance

Some students may be eligible for free bus transport. Click here to determine if your child is eligible for this.

If your child is in Year 7 & 8 they will not qualify for Transport Assistance. A 10 ride bus ticket is $21.00 and can be purchased from the Accounts Office at Orewa College. Your child will be issued with a Rural Bus card to catch their bus.

New students who start at the beginning of the year will be contact prior to starting by the Orewa College Bus Coordinator. For all enquires please email Student's will also need to complete a Ritchies Bus Code of Conduct Form.

Rural Bus Routes

Route 1590 Dairy Flat and Waitoki

Route 1523 Haruru and Pine Valley

Route 1515 Puhoi

Route 1516 Tahekeroa

Route 1527 Stillwater

Route 1527 Stillwater (Spur and Lennon)

Route 1507 Horseshoe Bush Road

For more information on routes or timetables please contact Ritchies Coachlines on 09 420 6091 or email:

Orewa College Bus Co-ordinator

Mr Greydon Little,