Course Information

In the senior school, students select from a broad and balanced learning programme.

In selecting a programme of study students need to consider:

  • Their interests and abilities?
  • Which subjects they enjoy the most.
  • The skills they have and would like to develop.
  • Their future career interests.
  • Any subject requirements (prerequisites) at the next level.

In planning course and choosing subjects, students needs to consider the following:

  • The prerequisites for entry into each subject.
  • The level at which the subject stops.
  • The number of credits generated by each subject.
  • Whether the subject offers Achievement Standards or Unit Standards.
  • Whether or not the subject is an approved subject (for University Entrance).
  • What subjects, grades, credits are needed for entry to the University/course you are interested in attending.
  • The total subject course cost eg. Art, Food Technology.
  • That this subject equips student with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to enter their chosen career path.
  • That the student has flexibility to change course design if career goals change.

Year 11

All students must take an English, Mathematics and Science course and are to choose four further options to complete their course of study.

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Level 1 NCEA

To gain NCEA Level 1 students need 80 credits which includes 10 credits for Numeracy and 10 credits for literacy.

Year 11 Course information

Year 12

Students will be required to study seven subjects. English is compulsory, students will be placed in the appropriate English course by the Head of Department.

Students are to choose six further options to complete their course of study. However they can apply to be considered for an independent study option which can replace one subject. The criteria for this is:

  • Excellent self management skills as evident from reports and teacher recommendations.
  • A good attendance record.
  • Evidence of meeting deadlines and being a proactive student.

Students who wish to consider some Pathways semester courses as part of their Year 12 programme need to see the Careers Department. The Pathways programme provides students with the opportunity to achieve Level 2 credits while preparing for the world of work.

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Year 12 Course information

Year 13

Students will be required to study six subjects. All students will have an independent study option. Students may also work towards other National Qualifications as well as gaining work experience through the Gateway programme.

Students may enter one or more scholarship standards (Level 4) as well as their Level 3 standards. This assessement extends the best secondary students and enables the top scholars throughout the country to be identified and acknowledged. Students are expected to synthesise and integrate concepts, and to apply higher level thinking based on in-school and independent learning.

NCEA Level 3 Certificate

  • 60 credits must be at Level 3 or higher.
  • 20 credits can be from Level 2 or higher.
  • Involves both internally assessed and externally assessed work.
  • There is no literacy or numeracy requirement, but note the University Entrance Requirements.

Entry Requirements for NCEA Level 3 Courses

  • Students may choose any course as long as they have met the entry prerequisites.
  • Students who fail this entry requirement may be required to repeat the previous year’s courses.
  • Students who fail entry criteria and want to apply for an exemption, must apply in writing to the HoD at course confirmation and may be placed on a contract.

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Year 13 Course information

Senior Graduation

Although not all students complete Level 3 qualifications, those who complete Year 13 and demonstrate the attributes as defined by our school vision will be acknowledged for demonstrating the ability to be responsible, independent, confident, proud, well-balanced and motivated young adults.

They are acknowledged in our Senior Graduation ceremony as part of our academic prizegiving at the completion of their final year.