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2019 In Zone Enrolment Application

Click here for Online Enrolment Application Form

Please complete the online application form, once we receive the application we will be in contact by email to arrange an interview.

Documents required to upload with the online application:

  • Caregiver(s) AND child must attend enrolment interviews
  • NZ Birth Certificate (and Passport/Visa if not born in NZ)
  • Proof of Address – MUST be either a Tenancy/Purchase Agreement or Power Bill in the caregivers name
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Latest school report

Out of zone applications for 2019 have now closed.

Orewa College Zone

For information on our Zone click here

Additional Enrolment Application Documents (if applicable)

Health Form (if your child has any health issues) click here

ESOL (if your child requires extra assistance with English language - click here

Enrolment Definition

The Act distinguishes between pre-enrolment processes and enrolment.

The application and interview processes above are considered ‘Pre Enrolment” The definition of “Enrolment” is when attendance at the school commences and the student is first marked present on the school roll.

Enrolling Students to start in 2018

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Orewa College.

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