Information / Support and Guidance

Concerns and Complaints

​Concerns Pathway

In any organisation involving a large number of people, complaints and allegations will be inevitable. Complaints are treated promptly, seriously and professionally and the rights of all related parties involved are protected. Resolution of complaints is based on restorative practices

In our experience, concerns are much more likely to be resolved quickly and effectively when the concern is presented using appropriate pathways.


Any person attending the meeting may bring a support person. It is not school policy to record (audio or visual) conversations as this can hinder open and honest communication.

Serious Allegations

Allegations involving assault may be referred directly to the Police, in which case the complaints procedure may not be followed. If allegations are determined by the Principal to be serious, the Board Chair will be informed immediately and a decision would be made as to what other related parties should be consulted.

Students With Concerns

Students can address their concern in the first instance to any staff member such as the Guidance Counsellor or another staff member they feel comfortable with. The student may request the incident is dealt with under confidentiality, however, this may be reconsidered if there are serious health & safety issues identified. If a verbal concern can be resolved by talking it through, then no further action is required and no record need be kept.

Media / Public Interest

Responses to the media are to come from either the Chair of the Board of Trustees or the Principal.

Orewa College will not comment to persons other than those caregivers listed on the students record.