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International Students Course Options

During the orientation process, a teacher will help International Students select their courses to complete their timetable. Students should be clear if they want to enter for the NZ Qualification NCEA - National Certificate in Educational Assessment. This is available to students in Year 11, 12 or 13 who are enrolling for a full year or more. Students should also be clear if there are subjects that their home school require them to take while studying abroad. Orewa College can offer some subjects that are not offered in regular classroom options, via Online classes.

Further Information Regarding Courses

The following information is to help parents/caregivers and students with their Course planning.

Outdoor Adventure At Orewa College

NZ Experience

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In addition to regular classes, the subject NZ Experience offers the opportunity for International Students to experience outdoor activities, trips and fun!

The New Zealand Experience class is part of the scheduled timetable and International Students can choose to take this course as part of their regular programme, within school hours. It involves learning about various aspects of New Zealand life, culture, history, sport both within and outside of the classroom. Examples of the activities include baking kiwi favourites, learning kiwi sports, learning the haka, bush walks and beach activities as well as day trips around the local region.

End of Year Programme

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Orewa College offers international students who are not participating in NCEA exams, the opportunity to participate in the Legendary End of Year Activity Programme. This programme runs for 3 weeks in November, commencing after Senior Graduation for Year 11 to Year 13 students.

The Programme gives students an amazing New Zealand experience with a mixture of day trips in the outdoors, overnight camping and school based activities – an action packed 3 weeks of learning and adventure!

There is no charge for this programme except for the optional activities offered.