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Vision / Mission / Goals

Our Vision

Empowering Learners to be World-Ready

Ako Orewa
Our learning programme to enable learners to understand their learning progress.

Manaaki Orewa
Our values programme to promote and recognise three areas, Respecting One Self, Respecting Others and Respecting the Environment, both physical and digital.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive and challenging centre of learning for all students in their progress towards enriched and responsible citizenship.

We have a strong values programme, Manaaki Orewa, which we translate as “to foster, to support, to journey together”.

Our Goals

Our prime purpose is the education of our students and all decisions affecting the school will be based upon improving the educational outcomes of all students.

Student learning is directly related to the quality of teaching and all staff continue developing their skills to provide the highest quality of teaching.

A comprehensive values programme, Manaaki Orewa, and a structured set of learning strategies, Ako Orewa, should form part of the school’s curriculum and culture.

All staff at Orewa College will have an understanding of the School’s vision and programmes, roles and structures that support that vision. There will thus be consistency in what we do in the classroom, the school and the community aimed at the achievement of the vision.

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Orewa College Financial Reports

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