Learning / How We Learn

Ako Orewa

Responsible, Independent, Confident, Proud, Well-balanced, Motivated young adults.

Ako Orewa is an approach to learning that directly reflects the expectations of the New Zealand curriculum. Students take ownership of their learning and development in that they are encouraged to reflect on their own learning processes and to learn 'how to learn'. They are self-motivated with a ‘can-do’ attitude and see themselves as capable of self-assessment. They establish personal goals, make plans, manage projects and set high standards. They have strategies for meeting challenges designed in response to their identified interests and their own learning needs.

Ako Orewa is the learning programme of Orewa College. It recognises that individual content will differ between courses but also instills an expectation that each student will understand:

Their own learning process:

  • Why we are learning this?
  • Which level of thinking have we reached
  • What our next step is
  • Why we need to keep learning

A common language of learning

  • They can explain the 3 storey intellect

Their learning environment

  • The context of the learning
  • How we go about learning
  • Our social setting
  • Our learning schedule

Their tools and skills to enhance learning

  • Go beyond expectations
  • Personalise our approach
  • Impact on the world

Understanding these learning elements provides a sound base for future learning in different situations. You are encouraged to discuss these expectations with your child as opportunities arise in their day to day lives.