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Parent/Adult Help & Police Vetting

All caregiver/adult helpers must be Police vetted by Orewa College to attend school trips and manage/coach teams. Once you have been vetted, it is valid for 3 years.

Police vetting must be done by Orewa College, vets from other institutions/organisations are not valid and cannot be shared.

Police vetting needs to be done in advance of the trip/event as it can take some time to process at NZ Police.

For more information please email

To arrange to be Police Vetted please

  • complete a Police Vetting Form: CLICK HERE
  • provide two forms of ID (one from the primary IDs listed below and one from the secondary IDs listed below)

You can either:

Come to main reception with your two forms of ID for us to copy & verify


Use an Identity Referee to Verify an Applicant’s Identity

(Evidence of identity checks may be completed by an Identity Referee, outside of your organisation, where it cannot be carried out by you in person e.g., when completed consent forms are received by your agency via email, not in person).

An Identity Referee must:

• Be either a person of standing in the community (e.g., registered professional, religious or community leader, Police employee) or registered with the Approved Agency.

• Be over 16 years of age.

• Not be related to or a partner/spouse of the applicant.

• Not be a co-resident of the applicant.

To verify an applicant’s identity, the Identity Referee must:

1. Sight the original versions of each identity document.

2. Compare the photographic image with the applicant to confirm they are the same person.

Identification accepted by NZ Police for vetting:
    Primary IDs include:
    • Passport (NZ or Overseas)
    • NZ Firearms Licence
    • NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued on or after 1998)
    • NZ Citizenship Certificate
    • NZ Refugee Travel Document
    • NZ Emergency Travel Document
    • NZ Certificate of Identity
    Secondary IDs include:
    • NZ Driver Licence
    • 18+ card
    • NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued before 1998)
    • Community Services card
    • SuperGold Card
    • NZ Employee Photo Identification Card
    • NZ Student Photo Identification Card
    • Inland Revenue number
    • NZ issued utility bill (issued not more than six months earlier)
    • NZ Teachers Registration certificate
    • NZ Electoral Roll Record
    • International Driving Permit
    • Steps to Freedom Form

    User Guide to Police Vetting Process - Please click HERE.