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News / 24 Sep 2018

​Spanish Calendars

Every year, Year 9 Spanish students have the opportunity to create their own Spanish calendar. The project asks students to explore Spanish themes, cultural ideas, and artists while revising and consolidating their knowledge of numbers, weekdays and months. Students discover that every year is different, that months begin on different days of the week, and that not all images are equal in terms of size and clarity. The incredible richness of hispanic culture provides an endless range of options for them to explore, from artists, street art, music and festivals, to food, architecture, landscapes, beaches, and soccer teams. Pulling it all together, students are able to produce calendar designs worthy of any bookstore or papeleria, while producing for themselves (or for a gift) a genuine Spanish language artefact. At the same time they begin learning the art of design, choosing fonts, page design, and color combinations, and complete their project knowing a little more about the culture of Spain and Latin America. This is an example of their work this term