​House Raft Race • Orewa College
Event / 01 Apr 2019

​House Raft Race

All five houses got their building team out early last Wednesday morning, to go over blueprints and check wind conditions for our annual house raft race. Five hours later each house had an impressive vessel ready for its first voyage. The builders had done their job and it was then up to the power house paddlers. Five teams lined all up on the start flag and as soon as the gun went everyone made a beeline to the buoy. Unfortunately, some houses got caught up with each other and had to battle their way out. As they approached the buoy, Nepia had a good lead but with a slow turn McLaren gained crucial metres, followed again by Blake. Any of the three teams could have won it from there, but Nepia kept the rhythm and blessed with a sturdy vessel, they passed the finish line with a boat length to spare. They were followed by McLaren, Blake, Batten and then Sheppard. Well done to winners, Nepia house.