House Party 2024 - Nepia, Winners on the Day • Orewa College
News / 12 Mar 2024

House Party 2024 - Nepia, Winners on the Day

Orewa College hosted its annual House Party last Friday, kicking off the house system for 2024, marking a vibrant celebration of school spirit and friendly competition. The event, which brought together all five houses in a colourful display of unity, featured an array of exciting activities.

Among the highlights were classic favourites like "House Pong" and "Bouncy Blast," alongside the introduction of the thrilling new event, "Snake Drag." Students from each house enthusiastically participated, showcasing their teamwork and determination as they vied for victory.

The atmosphere was electric as house members, adorned in their distinctive colours, filled the field, adding to the spectacle of the occasion.

After a day filled with laughter, cheering, and spirited performances, Nepia House emerged triumphant, clinching the top spot. Sheppard and Batten followed closely behind, securing second and third place respectively.

The House Party not only served as a platform for friendly rivalry but also as a testament to the strength and spirit within Orewa College and the House System. It provided students with an opportunity to showcase their talents, forge lasting friendships, and create cherished memories that will be fondly recalled for years to come. Great way to start the competition!