House Event - Pavement Art • Orewa College
News / 26 Mar 2024

House Event - Pavement Art

Last week we had our annual Pavement Art house competition. Students were broken into two groups, years 7-10 and years 11-13, each consisting of about 5-10 students. Each group was given a brief, a couple of boxes of coloured chalk, a 1.5m square and three hours to create a pavement masterpiece.

This year, the middle school students' theme was the ocean in anime style.The senior's theme was tocreate an Orewa postage stamp in the style of Shane Hansen.

Both year groups did a fantastic job, over the years students have come up with new and creative ways to get the best out of their pieces of art. No longer do we just have chalk on concrete, these students have tape, water spray bottles, sponges, brushes and other tools to make their pieces of art pop out of the sidewalk.

After three houses of drawing each house and year group delivered a stunning and colourful piece of art.
A big thank you to our judges Mary Ellis, Paula Friis, and Sandy Marshall.

Years 7-10 Years 11-13
1st Blake
1st McLaren
2nd McLaren
2nd Blake
3rd Nepia
3rd = Nepia and Batten
4th Batten
5th Sheppard
5th Sheppard

Overall Placings:
1st McLaren 21(J) 2nd = Nepia 18 2nd = Blake 18 4th Batten 17 5th Sheppard 16