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News / 02 Jul 2024

AIMS Funding Success

Last week, our Orewa College AIMS Sport teams and individual competitors received thrilling news: our funding application to the North and South Trust, supported by Muldoon's Irish Bar, has been approved.

This grant marks a significant milestone as it will substantially alleviate the financial burden for our teams and students attending the renowned AIMS week long Tournament in Tauranga this September.

The AIMS Tournament stands as a pinnacle event in the National and International Intermediate Schools sporting calendar, attracting over 390+ schools and 12,500+ competitors from across New Zealand and overseas for a week of sports. However, participation in such a prestigious event often entails considerable costs, and lots of fundraising to be had, which can pose challenges for many families.

Thanks to the generous support from North and South Trust and Muldoon's Irish Bar, this funding will relieve the financial pressure on our students and families, allowing them to represent Orewa College without added worry. It underscores the Trust's dedication to our students' success and the transformative impact of sports in shaping young lives.

As we prepare for the upcoming AIMS Tournament, we are confident that our students will seize this opportunity to showcase their talents and sportsmanship on a national and international stage.

Thank you once again, North and South Trust and Muldoon's Irish Bar, for making a significant difference in the lives of our students and for your commitment to empowering the next generation through sports and community spirit.

Students at previous AIMS Games

North and South Trust and Muldoon's Irish Bar Support Orewa College AIMS Teams and Individuals for Prestigious Tournament