Learning / Learning Areas


In Technology, students learn to be innovative developers of products and systems and discerning consumers who will make a difference in the world.

Middle School (Year 9 & 10)

Year 9 Year 10
Digital Technologies
Students will use websites and apps to learn about coding, apps, website, robots and drones. Students also learn about teamwork.
Design and Visual Communication
This design course teaches formal, sketching and digital presentation of design ideas of both product and architectural development.
Food Technologies
Involves both practical and theory sessions as well as Health and Safety.
Digital Technologies
Students make apps, games, website, robots and drones. They also look at managing teamwork when producing digital products.
Textile Technology
Students will research, design and develop clothing as well as develop skills in fashion drawing, pattern adaptation, aplique, construction, dyeing and printing.
Food Technology
Introduction into technological process and basic cooking skills with an emphasis on hygiene, safety and nutrition. Students also investigate and explore street food and high tea.
Product Development
This is a team base product design and development course.
Product Development
This is a product design and development course which challenges students with both project management and problem solving.
Textile Technology
Students will research, design and develop fashion accessories as well as researching, designing a fun garment.

Senior School (Year 11 - 13)

Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
Digital Technologies Digital Technologies Digital Technologies
Food Food Technology Food Technology
Product Development Hospitality Hospitality
Textile Technology Product Development Product Development
Design and Visual Communication Textile Technology Textile Technology
Carpentry Design and Visual Communication Creative Pattern Making
Engineering Carpentry Design and Visual Communication
Workshop Apprentice Skills Engineering Carpentry
Senior Workshop Engineering
Senior Workshop