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ShowQuest 7&8

CANCELLED - Orewa College will be unable to participate in this year's 2022 Showquest Event.

What is Showquest? (previously known as Stage Challenge and J Rock)

Showquest is Aotearoa’s biggest performing arts competition that combines dance, drama, art, culture, music and technology. This year the student leaders have decided on a ‘fairy tale’ theme.

The year 9 & 10 leaders this year are; Lachlan Buckley, Sarah Postlewaight, Megan Postlewaight, Kate Barton, Bella Hawkings, Taylor Kenny, Mia Hendren, Tatyum Storer & Meika Doorman. Rehearsals are every Thursday after school from 3.30pm-5.00pm.

The dates for the Auckland regional shows this year are either the 5th, 6th or 7th of July. Be involved in producing lighting, make-up, costuming and choreography. Orewa College won awards for Lighting and Concept.


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Teacher in charge

Mrs B Hilliar - Year 9 - 13 Email
Miss R Pinder - Year 7 & 8 Email
Ms K Woodroffe Year 7 & 8 Email


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