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What is Showquest? (previously known as Stage Challenge and J Rock)

Showquest is Aotearoa’s biggest performing arts competition that combines dance, drama, art, culture, music and technology.

ShowQuest 2024:

ShowQuest auditions are on Thursday 15th February from 3:30-5pm in the OAEC. Students must keep an eye out in the daily notices and on the Performing Arts Instagram page for sign up details.

ShowQuest rehearsals will be on Thursday afterschool, 3:30-5:00pm starting Week 4, Thursday 22nd February.

Our 2023 theme was ‘obliviously evil’ “Were they really all that bad? Our performance embarks on a journey through the eyes of some of the evilest of villains and shows life from their Point of View. Each character embodies their own unique brand of villainy and is so consumed by their own desires that they are oblivious to the harm they cause. The show challenges the audience to empathize with the villains. Come with us as we give the spotlight to the underdogs and lighten up their story as to why they are, Obliviously Evil.”

The 2023 team led by Miss Woodroffe & Miss Pinder consisted of 60 students from years 7-13. Orewa College competed in the senior ShowQuest performance & was the only school with intermediate age students. This year we had ten student leaders/choreographers; Grace Brand, Madeline Russell, Megan Postlewaight, Melissa Ramlov, Summer Johnson, Lachlan Buckley, Sarah Postlewaight, Cameron Gibson, Emma Searle and Holly Briggs-Lyne. Our goal this year was to create a performance that was fun and unpredictable that got the audience laughing, up and dancing in their seats.

In 2023 Orewa took home 3rd place as well as the ZM Soundtrack Award

And Best Use of props award at the Auckland regionals. An awesome achievement that everyone involved should be proud of.


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