​Year 7-10 Reports • Orewa College
News / 29 Jun 2020

​Year 7-10 Reports

The year 7-10 progress reports will be published early in Term 3. These will look different to last year’s reports as they will focus on National Curriculum Levels and the school’s values of Manaaki Orewa and Ako Orewa.

The report will show a curriculum level for a particular subject or strand of learning. For years 7 and 8 these marks will be organised by Learning Area or Inquiry, while for years 9 and 10 these marks will be presented by Topic. Curriculum levels indicate a range of expected performance for each year level (the grey area in each report grid), and your child’s level will be indicated in green. For each curriculum level a student will be marked against either Developing (D), Proficient (P) or Advanced (A). Below is an example of a year 10 report: