Wearable Arts House Event 2020 • Orewa College
News / 12 Oct 2020

Wearable Arts House Event 2020

Wearable Arts is one of the major House events of the year. Despite Covid we were determined to run this event. Even with the lockdown and disruptions there were over 50 entries with the majority from the lower middle school. The theme and criteria is to turn trash into fashion, using recyclable items and to construct them to make a garment of sound construction. In today's world we have a lot of items that we throw out, whether they are actual rubbish, or just being replaced by something new. The students were asked to think outside of the box of what we consider to be trash. Garments were made from a variety of items such as expired PPE, a year's supply of chip packets and even an old umbrellas. The craftsmanship and originality of these garments were so impressive that they could be on a worldwide stage. This year's winners in each year group were Maria Walker-Kinnell, Year 7 and 8, with her garment titled 'Cat Flapper'. The learning support entry, Year 9 and 10, called ‘The Walking Waka’ and finally, after entering almost every year, Darby Turner and Sera Bickers, Year 13, took the Senior 1st place with their garments titled ‘Baddie’. We hope everyone enjoyed making their outfits, you should all be extremely proud of all the effort and craftsmanship.