Tabloid Sports • Orewa College
News / 25 Feb 2019

Tabloid Sports

Last Thursday’s Tabloid Sports day was the ‘kick-off’ event for the House System for 2019. With our very hot summer we were lucky to enjoy a mild overcast day so students could fully enjoy all events without too much heat.

This year we had eight challenging stations ranging from the balancing teamwork of 'spider-ball' to the brute strength of 'tug-of-war'. It was a highly successful day, for students who all turned up in their colours ready to complete and represent their house. Points were close all day and the winning house was definitely decided by the main relay event. Another great year of tabloids and huge thank you to staff and students showcasing wonderful house spirit and exceptional manaaki. Final house placings were: 1st Blake, 2nd Nepia, 3rd Batten, 4th equal McLaren/Sheppard.