​News from the Enviro Group Term 1 2021 • Orewa College
News / 03 May 2021

​News from the Enviro Group Term 1 2021

In the final week of Term 1 8WIG and 8ODL donned their gloves, and conducted a full school waste audit. That meant sorting and weighing all categories of waste that were destined for the landfill. It was not a pleasant job, but a rewarding one, as it is important for us, as a school, to have these figures so we can strive for better and be well equipped to apply for funding for sustainability projects. The same task had been carried out 24 years earlier. So it was interesting to compare the data, and pleasing to see that the initiatives we have implemented so far are working.

A huge thank you to the students in these two classes conducting the audit and to all the Enviro-group students for playing their part in helping to reduce our landfill waste.

Summarising statements of our findings:

  • In the two years between waste audits, we are diverting on average, 20kg more per day away from the landfill.
  • We are saving $5000 per year in rubbish removal from our school.
  • We have reduced waste in all areas except for compostable paper - which has risen by 2% (Covid-19 protocols possibly being a factor with this).
  • Food scraps remains to be our largest area of waste.