House Technology Challenge • Orewa College
News / 01 Jul 2019

House Technology Challenge

In the past, this has been divided up into three year levels but this year we combined all the brains and had one team of seven representing each house. The very simple brief this year, 'build an aircraft which will travel the furthest distance'. We had some amazing designs and with only two hours on the clock, houses glued, chopped, taped and tested flew their aircrafts. The big launch was held at lunch time. The launch platform allowed for maximum height because it was five metres high. House by house, they threw their craft off the platform and some flew majestically while others crashed. Regardless of the distance, all houses had a blast building and working together. Congratulations to McLaren house who won this years technology challenge. Final placings were: 1st - McLaren; 2nd - Blake; 3rd - Nepia; 4th - Batten; 5th - Sheppard.