​House MasterChef 2021 • Orewa College
News / 28 Jun 2021

​House MasterChef 2021

MasterChef is back and we are back in the commercial kitchen with all the flash bells and whistles. We have come a long way since cooking on gas cookers under the pavilion.

Like many events in the house system, the level of skill increases every year and this year was no different. Students delivered entrees, mains and desserts of the highest skill level, exceptionally presented and of delicious taste.

Not only do the students have the pressure of cooking all these meals but they need to do it under a certain time. Cooking is hard enough as it is without a massive flashing countdown clock and Mr Dickinson reminding the teams that they have 2min to get it finished. This year we had a ‘mystery ingredient’ that students had to incorporate into their dishes which was sourced from our Year 9 project based learning class garden.

Over the hour and half students fried, boiled, stressed, grilled and baked their way through this competition, we even had a few broken plates. Regardless of all the obstacles all houses delivered amazing meals and the judges found it very hard to score.

This year we had a very special guest judge. Our ex-principal Kate Shevland. This was one of her favouritehouse events and was great to have her back as a judge.

This year the winner of House MasterChef 2021 was Nepia followed closely by Batten, Sheppard, Blake then McLaren. After this event the final placings for the house system are:

1st Sheppard 49pts | 2nd = Blake / Sheppard 48pts | 4th McLaren 44pts | 5th Batten 43pts