​House Competition - Technology Challenge • Orewa College
News / 29 Jun 2020

​House Competition - Technology Challenge

Clank, snap hammer and knock, the technology challenge was next on the block.

On Friday we held the annual house technology challenge. With the slight flop from last year's airplanes, we could only improve. You could say “we needed to build a bridge and get over it”, so we did.

This year's challenge was to build a bridge completely made from paper. It was not allowed to be tied down or taped down, but free standing. To win, each bridge had to hold a series of weights, each getting heavier with every load. The winning house was McLaren which held a total amount of 85kg. Congratulations McLaren, followed closely by Nepia with 75kg.

On a separate note, this was Mr Aykroyd's last house event as Nepia House Leader. He has been an amazing Leader from start to finish. He will always be Nepia proud in his new HOD role. As Mr Akroyd leaves his leadership role and Mrs Boshard will be taking over Nepia from Term 3. Click here to view current house standings at the end of term 2.