Covid-19 Update • Orewa College
News / 16 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Update

We are in contact with the Ministry of Education and will post the latest news specific to Orewa College on our webpage as soon as we receive it. CLICK HERE

LearningAs a school we are well prepared for online learning in the event of school closures for Covid 19.

  • Our website is kept updated with current information
  • Our students use google classroom in all their courses
  • We participate in all the NCEA online assessments available
  • Many student do courses using Harbournet, the Virtual Learning network we established and manage for Auckland schools. These lessons involve one video lesson per week with their online teacher and classmates, and the rest of the week working independently and communicating with the class and teacher as needed
  • Online resources such as Education Perfect and Maths Buddy are widely used
  • The library have e-books and clickview which are used online

We suggest you check your children are familiar with how all these systems work from home to get the maximum benefit.

Students may email for technical help: or

EventsWe are currently in contact with the Ministry of Education regarding upcoming events such as the Achievers Breakfast, Sports, Parent-student-teacher Interviews and the School Ball.

AttendanceIf your child needs to stay away from school due to Covid-19 isolation or health concerns, their lack of attendance will not affect eligibility for future events or trips. Please email any absences to

What you can do nowTo continue their learning, students will need access to

  • Google Classroom - The Classroom “Stream” is a good place for the class to communicate online.
  • School Google Email
  • Link to additional resources CLICK HERE

Now is the time to sit with your child and ensure they have access at home and sort any technical issues. For access issues, please email