​Aurecon Bridge Building Competition • Orewa College
Event / 06 Aug 2018

​Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Last week two Year 10 teams represented Orewa College at the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition. This competition is an introduction to engineering where students have to work as a group to find a solution to a given task. In this case each school is supplied with the same materials to construct a bridge within certain parameters. On the day of competition, their bridges are tested for destruction and judged on their ability to support a load, their efficiency, innovation, appearance, and construction techniques. Generous prizes are awarded. Team 1: Dylan Blomquist, Daniel Harold and Joshua Hoareau built a suspension bridge that supported 6. 5 Kg. Team 2: Eunseo Choi, Harry Cope and Michela Exeter were going for the efficiency prize and limited the materials they used. Their bridge supported 14.7 kgs. They were pleased with this score as they were in the lead for a while, but were finally surpassed by 5 other schools. Overall, it was a very valuable and enjoyable experience for the students.