​2021 House Competition Final Placings • Orewa College
News / 08 Nov 2021

​2021 House Competition Final Placings

The 2021 House Competition has come to an end for the year. We have had a mixed year of events due to Covid but have still managed to run a compelling competition. For the majority of the year, the points were so close that a single event would change the placings.

Thank you to all students and staff that have contributed and supported the House system this year, and to the House Leaders and Prefects who organise, encourage and support all the events and assemblies. The House system is a vital pillar of Orewa College and part of the identity of who we are.

The House system has been running for over 19 years and in that time all Houses have managed to win a competition, except for Sheppard. However this year, I am excited to announce that, Sheppard are the 2021 House Competition Winners. Congratulations Sheppard House

The final placing of the other houses are as follows

1st - Sheppard, 2nd - Nepia, 3rd - Blake, 4th - Batten, 5th - McLaren