​2018 Wearable Arts Competition • Orewa College
News / 22 Oct 2018

​2018 Wearable Arts Competition

This is one of the major House events of the year. Students started designing, collecting and constructing their garments months in advance. Every year the craftsmanship and originality of these garments are more impressive. Every student who entered this year should be extremely proud and have hopefully, enjoyed being a fashion designer or even model for the day. Judges, Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Foster, had the hard but also enjoyable job of checking every little detail each garment had to offer. They were both very proud of what Orewa College students delivered.

This year, garments were made from all sorts of everyday items that would otherwise be rubbish. We had a polystyrene princess (Year 7-8) a second hand wall paper dress (Year 12-13) and an iron knight which was made from an old iron roof (Year 11-13). Well done to all involved.