​10PBL Love Your Coastlines • Orewa College
News / 05 Jul 2021

​10PBL Love Your Coastlines

The Year 10 project based learning class ‘love your coastlines’ have recently been looking at sustainable fishing in our local area. This subject focuses on our oceans, coastlines and the impact we have on it over time. Fishing is a huge part of our community and the education around sustainability is vital. Students looked at what we can do to preserve and maintain recreational fishing to make sure our next generation have plenty of kia moana to source. We were fortunate enough to be given some fresh full snapper from our local fish market in Silverdale (Oceanz Seafood). This gave us the delicious opportunity to show students how to effectively fillet fish, and maximise the use of the whole fish by smoking the frames. Huge thanks to Oceanz Seafood silverdale.