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What is Showquest? (previously known as Stage Challenge and J Rock)

Showquest is a new performing arts platform for schools, consisting of a nationwide series of events produced by Rockquest Promotions Ltd, with the support of the Ministry of Education, that will support schools and students from year 1 – 13 to showcase music, drama and dance.

To be a part of Showquest, schools create a team of students who create, produce and perform an original theatrical production consisting of student-designed and constructed costumes and props, presented in a choreographed, themed mini-spectacular.

There are two categories for Show Quest Year 7 - 8 is participant only and Year 9 -13 is a competition.

Orewa College’s 2017 performance was titled “Without A Clue” and was based on the idea of the board game and film Cluedo. It was performed in the ‘Raw Division’ category at the Aotea Centre with students being involved in producing lighting, make-up, costuming and choreography. Orewa College won awards for Lighting and Concept.


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