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ShowQuest 9-13

CANCELLED - Orewa College will be unable to participate in this year's 2022 Showquest Event.

What is ShowQuest? (previously known as Stage Challenge and J Rock)

Showquest is Aotearoa’s biggest performing arts competition that combines dance, drama, art, culture, music and technology. This year the student leaders have decided on a ‘fairy tale’ theme.

This year ShowQuest is focusing equally on both dance and drama through the performance. Our idea this year is to show the idea of patience and what the consequences are of greediness and being spoiled. Our overall theme is based on Charlie and the chocolate factory and the story it tells. This year our team is made up of 6 year 13 girls who all have a background in dance and performing arts. Our 2 leaders for this year are Lily Wilson & Cassie Floyd. Our goal this year is to create a performance that is not only fun and unpredictable to watch but to also send out a message to the audience that they can hopefully learn and grow from.

The dates for the Auckland regional shows this year are either the 5th, 6th or 7th of July. Be involved in producing lighting, make-up, costuming and choreography. Orewa College won awards for Lighting and Concept.


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Teacher in charge

Mrs B Hilliar - Year 9 - 13 Email


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