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Senior Jazz Band

The Senior Jazz band is for experienced players. It is for students who enjoy and wish to play in the Jazz Style.

The repertoire includes music of the Swing, Latin, and Rock/ Funk Jazz genres. Most students who play in the Jazz Band also play in the school Concert Band. Membership to the Jazz Band is by invitation.


Competitions for this group include the Tauranga Jazz Festival and the KBB Music Festival in August. This group also attends a weekend music camp at the beginning of the year and participates in various performances for school functions and concerts. Commitment to rehearsals and individual practice is essential to the success of the group.


Every Thursday 3.30pm – 5pm (sometimes varies) in the Music Department.

Uniform Requirements

Orewa College Senior white shirt/blouse, black formal trousers and black formal shoes.


These can be via Daily Student Notices, on the School App or via the Senior Jazz Band Google Classroom. For instructions on the school app click here.

Teacher in charge

Ms E. McNab Email


Orewa Facebook Group