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Orewa College students have been enjoying some great success and we are well set up to continue building upon our experiences.

Don't hate - DEBATE!

The OC Debating Team (Y9-13) enters junior and senior teams in an across Auckland competition.

You will learn public speaking, critical thought, impromptu speaking skills as well as build your self confidence.

Perfect for arguing (and winning) with your parents and friends!

Note: these skills will not work on your teacher because we are immune to your charm, charisma and new found persuasiveness.


We compete in three Debating competitions across the year, These are held at different schools across the North Shore and Auckland.

  • Junior Y9-10
  • Senior Y11-12
  • Advanced Y12-13
  • There is also an annual Year 9 and Year 10 Speech Competition for junior students. We also compete in a number of senior speech competitions including the Nga Manu Korero (Maori Secondary School Speech Competition), Race Unity Speech Awards and the Lions Young Speech Maker Contest.


    Each student/team is tutored by a dedicated coach who helps the students form and develop arguments and stay organised.

    There are training nights Monday and Thursdays at 5pm before hand and a coaching night after the first debate/speech.


    School vans are used to transport students to and from these competitions. Parent help can be required to transport at times.


    Approximately $25 for each student.


    These can be via Daily Student Notices or on the School App. For instructions on the school app click here.

    Teacher in charge

    Mr James Baker Email


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